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     (1515). Alphabetum Hebraicum at Græcum. Paris: Gilles de Gourmont.
     (1646). A treatise concerning tongues appertaining to learning: viz. the Hebrew, Greeke, Latine, Chaldean, Syrian, and Arabian. Shewing profit of skill in them, and in how short time a student may receive such instructions and directions in any one of them, as wherby he may afterward proceed in the understanding of the language, without the help of a lively voice, using the books requisite thereunto. Also that towards attaining the knowledge of the Latine, there are set forth certain books, introducting into the grammaticall skill thereof, in so easie a manner, as that they are as it were a tutor for ones private help in the said study. [London]: Imprinted, and are to be sold at the signe of the Princes Armes, over against Pauls greater north doore.
     (1664). Moshe hahtal.= Moses fasciatus h.e. geneseos. Cap. priorum nonnulla in gratiam juventutis scholæ merc. scissor. Philebra[...] seorsim edita. Quibus accessit targum onkelos, seu paraphrasis chaldaica. Londini: Apud Thomam Roycroft, LL. orientalium typographum regium.
     (1744). An Hebrew Lexicon: containing all the primitive and many deriv'd. London, 1745: John Millan.
      (1793). 'Article 22: Review of Parkhurst's An hebrew and English Lexicon, without Points... ', The Monthly Review; or, Literary Journal, Englarged 12: 443-448.
     (1812). A transcript of Buxtorf's primitives; with the leading signification to every word, in English. Carmarthen: SPCK.
     (1829). Review of Joa. Simonis Lexicon Manuale Hebraicum et Chaldaicum, post Joa. Godf. Eichorn Curas, denuo castigavit, enendavit, multisque modis auxit Dr Georg. Benedict. Winer, by J. Simonis, J. G. Eichhorn, and G. B. Winer. The Christian examiner and general review 6.
     (1837). Review of Hebrew Lexicon, by E. Robinson. North American Review 44/1: 282.
     (1838). Review of Hebrew Lexicon, by Roy. North American Review 46/2: 487.
     (1969). Proceedings of the International Conference on Semitic Studies held in Jerusalem, 19-23 July 1965. Jerusalem: The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.